Family sees Jesus in Marmite lid

It’s not enough we have to put up with the fact that Marmite (also known as Vegemite) exists; we now have to deal with some of its fans thinking the face of Jesus has appeared on one of its lid. Look, if there is a god and he’s trying to communicate with you, do you really think he’s going to pop up in what is arguably the most disgusting substance known to man? I know I’ve got a lot of Aussie and British fans who can’t get enough of that yeasty bullshit, but even you have to admit how gross that crap really is (it’s a by-product of beer brewing, and if you’ve ever seen how beer is made, you probably wouldn’t drink it). Marmite reminds me of the goo that accumulates in my sink if I leave the dishes in there for a few days.

I don’t know what’s worse: moronic Christians who think a Marmite Cat Stevens is in fact Jesus, or the sticky black substance actually exists. I’m torn…

(props to Will for the find)

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    “The kids are still eating it, but we kept the lid”


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    Looks like Sam Roberts

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    Elizabeth Swann

    … looks more like a Pirate to me!

    Are they going to keep it even when it’s moldy?

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    Jake, Marmite is not Vegemite. They’re very different. Marmite is gross, vegemite is delicious!

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    shaun mcneil

    Looks like the celestial creatures that astrology uses – ever find a crab in space with the stars?, you have to have some major creativity to see some of those figures…i’m surprized no one has found Jesus’ face in the stars yet like the do with all the clouds, mold or whatever else

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    Marmite is fantastic! I also feel that if the “divine” exists, it would make sense to communicate through such a heavenly medium. If bacon and a good fry up is more to your liking, then Jesus is still prepared to communicate with you; as this story from today’s telegraph shows:

    Has any theist put forward a theological case for why god has gone from flamboyantly parting seas to messing about with foodstuffs when it comes to miracles?

    Still, food stuffs can work for athiests too! See the excellent sketch from Mitchel and Webb below:

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    Although originally designed as a drink, Bovril is much nicer than any yeasty crap you can spread on your toast or hot crumpets.

    As far as the likeness of our lord and saviour goes, this is the least convincing spontaneous image I’ve ever seen – waiting to hear from the first person to see something on their toilet paper after wiping their arse…

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    Good Reason

    Hmm. Jesus and Marmite.

    If you put Marmite on a communion wafer, you could conceivably eat both at once.

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    Richard Feinburg

    Wow, this is a new low. I can’t believe that people would think that this is proof of the Christian god.

    Look everyone my piss marks looks like Jesus. 🙂

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    Looks like Frank Zappa to me.

    I am sure it has been done before, but TGA show run a mock campaign/contest for finding the best Captain Picard, spaghetti monster or some other nonsense (pick one) appearing in something.

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    That’s Jesus? Looks way more like Lemmy from Motorhead (got the ‘Lemmy’ mustache and all)… now THERE’S a guy worthy of worship!

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    Lemmy from Motorhead …that’s a good one. At least he exists and sings quite well I shall say. However, this is a very, very strong evidence of existence of ze god. Fuck, this is very low. Let’s see what Jesus thought “Ok folks, today I will appear before your eyes in a Marmite, Vegemite or Bovril form. “Spread” the word about my existence” . Let’s see: next time he will come in a form of a pubic hair. Damn, that would be nice. I will take a picture and make it public.

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    LMAO @ “Marmite Cat Stevens”!

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    Andrew Skegg

    I must emphasise what Jim said – Marmite is NOT Vegemite. Nor is it Promite.

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    Zombie Jesus

    @ Mr. Skegg: Indeed it is not Vegemite, which clearly deserves emphasis. Wallaby. Koala. Dingo. Oy, oy, oy.

    @ Duane: How about a contest to find Darwin in a food product, natural organism, or other facsimile? If we can, then maybve we can give Jesus a run for his money in speaking from the grave. But let’s top him with something delicious, like a Darwin pizza or something rather than a dog’s asshole.

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