Back in Montreal

Hi guys, I’m back in Montreal, but while I try to get things back in order, it means regular blogging won’t start until tomorrow. Ryan and I will try to catch up on podcasting as well, but if we can’t, rest assured next week we’re back to our regular schedule. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for podcast topics, feel free to include it in the comments. See you all tomorrow!

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    Brandon Rae

    Woah! How come I never knew that you were BASED in Montreal?! That’s where I live!

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    shaun mcneil

    How would you react if you were in an accident and then woke up in a hospital with a priest doing voodoo to your injured body?

    I was watching an episode of nurse Jackie when I realized that I would probably respond with an exasperated “I wish you people did not exist” -and depends on how much energy I had continue in telling him how they are torturing children’s minds and all that

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    I think a good topic might be the intrinsic difficulties in forming atheistic communities. I often myself mostly agreeing with what other atheists are saying and therefore have nothing new to add.

    For example: I read a few atheist blogs but I almost never comment on them. All too often I use my rational critical thinking skills to understand the argument and I find myself agreeing with it; I have nothing more to add than a “Me Too!” like some old skool AOLer from the 90′s.

    Because of this I find it hard to connect with other atheists and have interesting conversations, most of what I want to say has already been covered much more eloquently than I ever could and if I do come up with something “new”, most people go “Yeah, makes sense, uuummmm…”

    Hell, take yourself, Ryan, Carissa, and your other friend who’s name I keep forgetting but remember as a pretty cool co-host. I listen to the pod-cast each week and I sit there nodding my head and mostly agreeing with what you say. So much so, I simply have nothing to add and that makes it hard to talk to other atheists.

    Does anyone else have this problem?


    PS: I remember you talking many moons ago about wanting to have more than yourself and a co-host on the show once in a while, but you didn’t have the good mikes and your recording studio isn’t worked up to do it.

    The guys at all live in geographically different locations. They use Skype to chat with each other and at the same time they record high quality MP3 files on each of their computers, then once everyone is recording the host has each person do a synchronized countdown. The editor and host, Chad, takes those files and combines them in the editing software as separate tracks, lines them up based on the countdown and then edits the show.

    The sound quality is crazy good, unless someone has a problem recording their MP3 file forcing them to rely on the Skype backup.

    I don’t know, just thought you’d like to give this a shot, perhaps some four paneled discussion with all three co-hosts at the same time. Personally, I think that would rock.

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    I had a couple of ideas, but they sucked so I deleted them! On a related note – and no disrespect to Carisa, who did a great job filling in – it’ll be great to have Ryan back! You guys have a good chemistry together. In a totally bromosexual way, of course.

    I would have voted for something about the current legal troubles of Nergal (Adam Darski) in Poland (2 years in jail for ripping up a Bible?!) that I linked in a previous post, but that may be of little interest to the non-Death Metal fans out there.

    If there’s anyone out there listening in Poland, I’d love to hear their take on what things are like and how much of a stranglehold the Catholic Church has. The stories I’m hearing don’t paint a pretty picture.

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