Live Bonus Show Stream @6pm EST

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

For those of you tuning in now, TGA fan Isaac has a charity he’s trying to raise money to benefit (he wants to continue to build houses for low income families around the world). If you’re into the goody two-shoes stuff, visit and help out!

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    I will be chatting in the boxy thing. My username is AncientWisdom.

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    I’m having trouble logging into the chat window. is there a limit on the ustream? ~teksalot

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    The person I was/am following on twitter is @denyreligion

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    That went well. I’m gald you did it and hope you do the same in the future.

    @Grant That’s so weird! We found thegoodatheist the exact same way, through denyreligion. You and I are kindred spirits(.)

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    Just listened to the show. Unfortunately I slept through the recording…
    This is a cool idea; and despite the few audio problems should become a semi-regular event!

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    Carisa can call we sweety anytime ;)

    Random, but fun show :)

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    Great idea, keep it up. Lets just hope people have questions next time.

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