Catholic School kicks out student for having gay parents

It still amazes me gays and lesbians can still cling to their bigoted religion, even when these institutions have made it quite clear they aren’t welcomed. In Boulder, Colorado, a preschooler was booted from a private Catholic school because his/her parents were lesbians, and this violates the Church’s firm belief homosexuality is an abomination.

Now, due to the fact they are a private school, they can pretty much do whatever they like, and that means there are no reprisals for what essentially amounts to some pretty serious discrimination. If you think that’s acceptable, how would people react if the kid was kicked out of the school because her parents were black? We surely wouldn’t take it as lightly, and we’d be calling them on their racist shit. But because it’s just homos here, we barely skip a beat. It’s just sad how quick people are to defend the rights of a private institution and so slow to defend the rights of individuals not to be discriminated against. Sad, just sad…

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    It shocks me more that two lesbians would even want their child growing up Catholic!

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    Yes, it really is sad. When I see religious schools do things like this, it makes me oppose the various voucher programs even more.

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    J. N. Hudson

    The worst thing about this, In my opinion, is that the kid is being targeted for retaliation for something he or she HAS ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER! Moreover, I would like to know if they also kick out the kids whose parents have…
    – commited adultery
    – wears clothes of mixed fabrics
    – eats shellfish
    – plants two different crops side by side
    – Whose mother wasn’t a virgin when she was married
    – Did not immediately kill anyone who suggest they convert religions

    … All of which are considered to be “abominations” by the very same theology that says homosexuality is an “abomination”.
    It’s a petty action using the kid as a proxy to punish the parents, without so much as a thought about the wellfare or education of the child. It seems to me that the church is basically say that if they disaprove of the parents lifestyle then there kids are no longer deserving of, or allowed to have, a christian education.

    While I personally think religion is load of horseshit, I am however, astute enough to recognize that more often than not, religion aside, catholic schools do tend to provide a superior education to most public schools, many of whom are disaterously underfunded, geared towards teaching kids to pass mandatory tests rather than the subject itself, and staffed by teachers who have become disillusioned with, if not outright apathetic towards the system. But instead of helping this kid have a better education the school says…
    “Fuck you! We don’t like the choices your mother has made in her PRIVATE life, since we have no way to punish her directly so we are going to sabotage your education, and quite possibly your future, instead. That’ll show the the gays that we mean business!”

    I’ve dealt with similar situations on two seperate occasions. The first was in my teenage years when my parents (Fundie’s then and still fundis now) were called in to see the pastor & elders of their church (Church of Christ the Redeemer, IFB at the time) and confronted about rumours going around at the time that my aunt was a lesbian (she’s not and never was) the church elders gave my parents three options…

    1) Force my aunt, willingly of unwillingly, to enter a three months christian run clinic for homoseexuals that the church was affiliated with, whee they would “pray the gay away” (Their exact words)).

    2) To disown and repudiate my aunt PUBLICALLY and to make an oath before god to forego any contact with or assistance to my aunt until she had sucessfully completed becoming an “ex-gay”.

    3) Be reputiated by the pastor in front of the congregation and shunnned, an act in that church that was equivalent excommuication, disfellowship, and eternal damnation.

    They received the third option, not by choice but because the pastor felt they took to long to come to a decision and decided to make their lack of descision the centerpiece to the next sunday’s sermon, in which my parents were “outed” as “supporters of immorality”, verbally abused, belittled, drummed out of the church, all in front of a congregation consisting of friends and neighbors. As a result my parents suffered greatly, my stepfather, a sub-contractor, had contracts pulled, lines of credit for building supplies were cancelled and the balance called in immedeitly. My mother, a hairdresser, found longtime customers (and fellow church members) desserting her. And both my parents, myself, my aunt, and my grandmother found ourselves refused service at the full service gas station, which was the only gas station in town at the time. Eventually the were forced to move if they wished to regain anything akin to a normal life. I had hoped that the incident would help them see the light, but shortly later the joined an Assmebly of God church and became more fundie than before.

    The second situation happened to my son shortly after I was “outed” as an atheist. (It’s not that I was a closet atheist of anything, it was just the first time anybody actually asked me.) Two of his high school teachers went from giving him straight A’s to failing him overnight. Since my son is deadset of going to an Ivy League college such a blemish on his GPA would really hurt his chances. Matters were made worse when one of the teachers also noticed that my son, a self avowed atheist, skipped the words “under god” when reciting the pledge of alliegence and hauled him to the vice principles office and demanded he be suspended and the vice principle was happy to oblige. During the subsequent confrence the reason for suspension was said to be loudly disrupting the class and creating a hostile classroom enviroment, charges which 100% of his classmates denied happening. My wife (Now ex-wife) and I threatened to sue and were basically laughed at, until we retained council and formally filed a lawsuit. They weren’t laughing then and their support of the the teachers action evaporated just as quickly and led to a settlement which included his assignments that had been marked with a failing grade being reassesed and regraded by a neutral third party chose by the judge, reclaimation of legal fees, and having his suspension excused and striken from his academic record. finished that year in a private school and the next year went to a new public high school in a different town to avoid any potential conflicts over the lawsuit.

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