Furious ignorance

White people seem to be pretty goddamn scared of black people in other countries, especially those with strange ancient rituals. They assume voodoo and other religious practices are simply the work of demons. It’s quite alien to them that their own religious rituals might seem pretty gruesome and savage to others; communion, for instance, is supposed to be the literal consumption of the body and flesh of their God. Is cannibalism acceptable in this one instance?

So here we have a movie with white people trying to convert other cultures to their monotheistic/triune deity, all in the name of “love” (hey, were the Crusades also about love?). Well, if your hearts are filled with so much affection, how about fucking off and letting people live their own lives in peace? If your God is so powerful, why does he always need some pasty face representative to spread his word?

(props to Shaun for the find)

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    Protestants think the Eucharist is the symbolic act of imbibing Christ; a remembrance of the sacrifice. It was one of the major points of the reformation.

    These people are definitely crazy, but Catholics are the ones who believe that the bread becomes magic Jesus meat.

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    Again, with the heroic white man going to “save” the natives from their deviant ways. It is fucking pathetic.

    Are some people in other culture’s hurthing? Yes. But that does not mean they need another god to replace the one that’s fucked them up in the first place. Cause I can gurarantee you that the new god will bring its capitalism with it and sell them shit so that they can “stay the course”.

    What people in underdeveloped counries around the world need is education and an understanding of how that world works according to natural laws as revealed through science. It amuses me how the “church” always focuses on these impoverished nations where “anything” from the outside is seen as better then what they currently have. Plus, the people in those areas tend to be less educated, less technically and economically developed and so they tend to be a bit more gullible. Easy pickings for the avg. missionary on a mission.

    What is so amazing to me is how these xtians do not see the arrogance with which they operate under. As far as they are concerned they are god’s messengers to “all the world”. They have internalized their dominance and imposed it on peoples who have internalized their oppression, ironically enough, from white european countries. These idiots, like their colonial predecessors before them, actually think that they are doing their potential converts a favor.

    Hmm, so did the crusaders and every mass murdering motherfucker who ever tried to spread the light of jesus at the tip of a knife, spear, arrow, or gun.

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    Well,…it’s about time the churches all “joined together for one purpose”.

    It’s so awesome to know that the revolution has now officially started.

    I guess the “mighty waves of revival” that we’ve heard predicted for the last 150 fuckin years were all just “false starts”…?

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    More thinly-veiled racism… Don’t you love the freudian phrases: “the powers of darkness”, “the darkest spiritual climates”, and the s c a r y “jungle” music in the opening? Hearkens back to anti rock ‘n roll movements from the ’50s. ah, the slow creep of idiocy.

    Scenes of demonic possession sure look a lot like “power of the holy ghost” pentecostal histrionics, huh?

    “It’s ok that you don’t know something.” religion = ignorance
    “How bad do you want to find out?” well, can we abandon faith for reasoning?
    still waiting.

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