Brits, get busy fighting homeopathy!

I received an email from the 10:23 team today asking for people in the UK to join their struggle to end the government’s subsidization of homeopathy. You might remember the group’s hilarious “mass suicide” protest just a few weeks back.

Their goal is to have the government follow the recommendation of all major scientific institutions that argue the so-called effectiveness of homeopathy can be explained entirely by the placebo effect, and nothing more. If people want to consume water or sugar pills thinking it cures their ailments, they should do so without any public monies supporting this bullshit industry.

So to all you UK fans, get active and let the government know how you feel!

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    Signed the petition, I would do more and join some of the protests if I could but I live about 2 and a half hours train journey from the nearest large city.

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