America: land of the free, unless you’re preggers

A few days ago, Carisa and I recorded a podcast about a rather disturbing law being proposed in Utah that would make “recklessness” during pregnancy a criminal offense, with a possibility of life imprisonment for feticide. Imagine my surprise to find these kinds of laws actually exist in 35 different states in the US.

Recently, a woman named Christine Taylor was arrested in Iowa for falling down a flight of stairs in her own home, and during her hospital visit, she confiding with her doctor that she had serious reservations about keeping the child. This sent alarm bells for the medical staff, who contacted the authorities.

Prosecutors chose not to go to trial because the fetus was still in the second trimester, and the draconian feticide law applies only in the final stages of pregnancy. If you don’t think this is outrageous, I don’t know what to tell you.

You can thank religious wackos for enacting these kinds of insane laws. The recognition of a fetus as a living entity entitled to the same rights as a sentient human being is a pretty spurious idea; how can an abortion be legal, but an illegal one be considered murder? These laws were originally intended to prosecute offenders (typically men who had no desire to become fathers) who would attempt to terminate pregnancies by assaulting women, but it’s now being used against women themselves. The religious right is working diligently to make all abortion illegal, but in the meantime, overzealous religious prosecutors (for these people are always motivated by their ridiculous religious convictions) with a distaste for abortion are using feticide laws to punish women who wish to terminate their pregnancies or have serious reservations about78jm being pregnant. This whole thing feels a lot like 1984, and any American even slightly interested in their personal freedom should be concerned.

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    Yeah, shit like this chills me to the bone… real subversive, underhanded tactics go down in middle america, chipping away at women’s rights. (forcing women to get ultrasounds, biased counseling, etc…)
    Opponents of the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act” predicted and warned of its misapplication (the response? “No, that won’t happen”); add it to the list of Bush’s shitheel moves we’re left with. *grrr*
    p.s.- “beinbg”

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    Arrested for falling down stairs? Wow. That’s pretty low. That’s almost like a girl in Saudi getting arrested for getting raped. Maybe nuclear warfare is not such a bad thing after all. Just get all the sane people out first.

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    Turns out that the bill in Utah passed both the senate and the house and was sent to the gov to sign, but the gov wanted a substitute bill WITHOUT the recklessness language in it.

    The sponsor is a douche, and is on twitter (@carlwimmer)

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    But this is important as it is to PROJECT THE CHILDREN!!!!
    Oh wait!!! IT AINT a CHILD its a plucking PARASITE!!!!
    But since women have absolutely NO value except as breed mares, then the parasite is much more important.
    But it clearly indicates that when it comes to religion women are stupider then the men cuz they go along with this schite.

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