TGA Podcast: Episode 84

Welcome back to The Good Atheist podcast. This week, Carisa Hendrix is back to co-host the show, and we cover a bunch of topics from why death sucks to why atheists have to feel so smart all the time. It’s a great show, so don’t miss out!

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    Something about the intro has been sorta bothering me for quite some time. I know I’m going to be accused of being a grammar Nazi, but I’m pretty sure its supposed to be …darkest bits of reason come chilling tales of godlessness… the way it is now you say “comes” instead of “come.” Just something minor and I may be wrong myself, but I believe that it aught to be come, not comes.

    Again sorry to be a grammar Nazi, its just always something that bugs me when that intro rolls along.

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    Carisa is a welcome addition to yet another podcast! I will consider her presence this week to be my birthday surprise! Thanks for the great show guys. Keep up the cracking hilarity!

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    Hey, I actually wrote a bunch of notes while listening to the podcast about what it means for an Atheist to think about death. It turns out that all of it was superfluous compared to the last thought I had on the topic.

    Jacob made a great analogy about the super hot sports car in your garage. Sure, a normal perspective (from a limited human time-line perspective) is to try to protect it from harm and not want to take it out for fear of damaging it. Yet when we combine this analogy with the knowledge that one day we WILL die, it makes absolutely NO sense to keep the “car” locked up and protected.

    Enjoy life while you have it. Yes it’ll be a shame that one day you won’t be able to experience anything new, but that knowledge should motivate you to experience MORE rather than paralyze you with fear.

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    The girl is too young to grasp the concept of why a person would think about death a lot. . . saying a person needs to be busy and enjoy/live life…is trite and irrelevent. There is no way to be in the moment at all times, some of us think about death, some of us have anxiety or panic attacks, and it’s just the way we are. Or they are. Whoever.

    Me and my partner agree that the girl is annoying, immature, and a bit of a ‘groupie’ type. Is she even an atheist or does she just want to get laid by one?

    She is destorying the atheism show with her fire breathing burlesque.

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    it’s natural to think about death. i think about it off and on, but it used to be a horrific thought to me, now not so much.

    i used to be a mormon and i thought i had it all figured out. when i realized that it was all a bunch of bull, i felt such a great loss, the grief, the loss was almost too much to bear. little by little i just kept moving forward and going to work, and being there as much as i could for my kids…till one day i realized the only thing i can control is my attitude. i can’t control when and where i die, but i can take control of my attitude and not let it bring me down. i learned that at any given time i can die. on my way to work, lying in bed at night, whatever. it’s going to happen, so i might as well enjoy this life because there’s no do over. this is it. enjoy your friends and family.

    sherman oaks, ca

    p.s. happy freakin birthday!

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    okay, do people who are logged in/signed up see an email link instead of a feedburner link? I’ve been trying to email our masters of ceremonies and this site still isn’t helping me find anything. I’ve had to send through Carisa… come on Jacob, get with the program, I’ll be becoming a patron. Time is money! Chop chop!

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    I rarely think explicitly about death, but I do tend to worry about the likelyhood of its happening in a given timeframe and how to go about caring for my dependents from beyond the grave. You know, practical shit.

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    Another great podcast, was wondering if you intend on doing interviews with other atheists who are taking it public, that would be awesome!

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