Miracle claim “smackdown”

You’ve got to love the way Hitchens can plainly and effectively explain why supposed miracles are not only unlikely, but also totally improbable. If you need to believe Jesus was a God, so be it; just don’t try to pretend there’s any science supporting your bogus claims.

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    I think the best think about this smackdown was how absolutely calm Christopher Hitchens was during it. Never raised his voice, never spoke above a gentle tone, always with that same awesome British accent.

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    Go Christopher!! the man. Hes my god of atheism (excuse my use of the term) I wish i could see one of his talks or debates live.

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    Richard Feinburg

    He is really good at debating. I just have a hard time on why Christians who want to debate on the subject always say, “lets say Jesus really did miracles or did what he did in the Bible.” What the fuck!!! Instead of say lets say, just fucking prove that he did those fucking miracles but they can’t!!!!!

    P.S.: Christopher Hitchens needs to wash his hair, too greasy. 😛

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    shaun mcneil

    What does it matter if miracles occurred in the first century, Jesus still came to bring a sword, divide families, and tell his first gen disciples to sell their clothing in order to buy swords.

    Besides, miracles happening in the first century do not help anyone in the 21st century, we still starve to death and the god of famine is kicking Jehova’s arse all the time

    It does not matter to me personally if someone was healed or not, i am not healed – that is like saying the guy in samolia won the lottery, yea but i am still not able to pay rent…what is the big deal about the “potential” of a miracle?

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