Happy Birthday to Me

30 years ago today, a young couple in Sherbrooke, Quebec gave birth to a baby with a giant head. That baby grew up thinking all religions were essentially bullshit, and set out to record a totally kick ass podcast to let the world know how he felt. That little boy with a gigantic head was me, and to celebrate the awesomeness of being alive, I’m in Calgary with Carisa Hendrix, who organized a pretty kick ass party for me at the Soda.

I realize that a lot of you guys are located in different parts of the world, so if you still want to make my day, why not become a patron? If you’re already a member and feel super generous, then sponsor a friend, or you can just donate a buttload of money to me for no other reason than to say “Happy Birthday you big-headed jackass!”

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    Happy Birthday! Maybe there is a correlation between atheism and the size of one’s noggin – I have a giant melon as well. Here is to our poor mothers that had to bring us into this world – cheers.

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    Happy Birthday Jake! I’m willing to bet that a huge chunk of your audience (including yours truly) also sport big old wobbly heads and torsos too small to support them… something to bear in mind for t-shirts?

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    Happy birthday dude!!! I, too, am an atheist with a big head. Shamrock may be on to something!

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    Kevin V

    30 years without dying is truly a success story in the making. Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday! and holy shit your girlfriend is HOT

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    Roxanne R

    LMAO. I love that you plugged the paid podcasts on your birthday. Awesome! Happy birthday!

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    I’d just like to thank God for allowing you 30 years. Also, don’t forget Jesus and give it up for the holy spirit, whatever the fuck that is.

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    Happy birthday! from a microcephalic atheist going against a couple grains… Thanks for the words, thoughts, and news that you spew.

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    Congrats, you managed it 30 years without dying. Make God laugh, tell him your plans. (that is if im citing the vengeful old-testament God).
    Sorry that geography stopped me from hauling my ass to the party but i didn’t fancy swimming ‘over the pond’.
    Keep up the good atheist work.

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    happy birthday

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