TGA Podcast: Episode 83 1/2

Welcome back to another episode of The Good Atheist bonus podcast. This week I have a special guest: a TGA fan from Calgary called Brock Roberts. I invite him to talk about how heĀ becameĀ an atheist, why creationism is nonsense, and why young people need to take more control in politics.

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    Hey, I enjoyed the show, as an American who would consider himself a socialist and a Green. We aren’t all afraid of that word…but most of us are.

    About the problem of the old people living forever (on that note Dick Cheney just survived another heart attack), we should consider how reproduction factors into the equation. Sure, the old people might live forever, but if enough young people could stop their aging clocks while they were fertile, they could eventually outnumber them. Unfortunately religious people breed a lot faster than atheists, so there’s another problem.

    Thinking really long term, maybe all the young people would eventually make it to other planets. I don’t think many old people would be up for the journey.

    So the solution might not be euthanizing the old people, but instead just making sure they can never have babies again. And remember, a lot of the Boomers in America were hippies when they were young, and some of them still are, at heart. They tried and failed to destroy the system by dropping out of it and that didn’t work (they’ve all got jobs now), so we shouldn’t go that route.

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    Thanks for sharing, Jacob… and happy birthday!!

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    You touched on the large number of people making up our generation who are non-theistic/poor theists and wondered how/if they would transmit their religion to their kids. I was at a BBQ the other day and I heard my brother mates talking and I almost choked on my beer. I bit my toung because I was to drunk and stoned to discuss it coherantly with them, but basically they were all saying to each other that they think it’s ‘right’ to give their kids the same opportunities that they had and listed 1. going to a decent school (not so bad aim even if it is Catholic) but 2. also baptising them, communion, and all the other religious crap. But they said it like the ceremonies were cultural rather than meaningful in some inherant way. And I know for a fact that one of them and his wife skip the ‘communion’ classes and are getting into trouble. So it’s as if they have given the substance of these traditions no thought whatsoever – to them, and to many, religion is the status quo and it would take at least some effort to convince them to kill it off once and for all. Having said all that, I can still see the level of religiosity fading as the the next generation enters (at least here in Australia).

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