Winnipeg gives millions to evangelical youth group

Ever heard of an organization called “Youth for Christ”? It’s an evangelical youth group that seeks to convert people to Jesus, and like any evangelizing organization, it isn’t content to sit by and let people live their own lives. Recently, the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba voted to contribute 2.5 million dollars towards a faith-based recreation center. This hasn’t sat well with some of the locals who are upset that the city, which is broke, is giving money to a private religious organization that sets out to convert people.

The Mayor, Sam Katz, isn’t sure why everyone thinks it’s a big deal:

My understanding is the majority of our youth who attend those facilities are not Christian — anybody can go there.

Luckily, some people actually have their heads screwed on right; local MP Pat Martin has argued that their mandate to convert young people makes “Youth for Christ” ineligible for public monies. How would people react, he argues, if the money been given to a group called “Youth for Allah” instead? Not too well I assume.

These kinds of organizations always bill themselves as open to everyone, and for good reason; they are on a mission to convert fertile young minds to their insane doctrine. The fact that the city is actively helping them accomplish this goal is totally unacceptable, especially in light of the fact that other more worthy organizations have been denied funding. It’s quite obviously religious pandering, and Winnipeggers (I think that’s what they call themselves) should be outraged.

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    Tom T

    The one big question I have about this story is “where is all the push back about process?”

    In the story, it mentions…

    “There was a one page piece of paper with a motion on it that was walked onto an agenda [Wednesday] and the decision has to be made next week by council with virtually no information provide to members of council who have to make this decision.”

    Who the heck runs a city like that? It should be clearly outlined (and strictly adhered to) that any item to be tabled MUST be presented as an agenda item AT LEAST 5 days before it is to be spoken about. “Walking it on…” is about as underhanded as you can get.

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    hasn’t SAT well…
    …out to “covert” people?

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    “Get your shit together, Canada!”

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    Preferential treatment of “faith-based organizations” is indeed sketchy… Sad to learn of Canada’s policies regarding tax-exemption.

    Especially despicable is the fact that the center is located in an “aboriginal” [minority] section of the city.

    Not the best mixed message from the great white north: “look how we honor our native peoples, they get to dance in our Olympic ceremony… while we continue to strip their kids of culture.” blecch

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    *shakes head* Figures. I left that toilet of a city a few years ago. Looks like nothing has changed. Good riddance.

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    no.. not canada. how could you

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