Religious nutbags beat adopted child to death

You know, in life, you have to appreciate the little things; a nice sunset, a good meal, and the subtle joys of disciplining your children with large plastic tubes. About 3 years ago, Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz were punishing their adopted daughter for being silly, and because their religion puts heavy emphasis on using physical domination to make children more obedient to God, they decided it was time to really teach her a lesson. They held her down for hours, and beat her with a plastic tube. She died from internal injuries.

If you’re a parent and want a little glimpse into their fucked up belief system, visit the site of their religious guru, Michael Pearl, who states the foolishness of children (you know, when they act silly and shit, like most kids do) needs to be beaten out of them so they can be more obedient to God. The site loves quoting the Bible as proof of their claim, and as you might guess, it’s some pretty scary stuff:

You must also condition their bodies to obedience by seizing many opportunities throughout the day to walk them through acts of obedience. As the military drills their soldiers, you must drill your children.

As a rule, do not use your hand. Hands are for loving and helping. If an adult swings his or her hand fast enough to cause pain to the surface of the skin, there is a danger of damaging bones and joints. The most painful nerves are just under the surface of the skin. A swift swat with a light, flexible instrument will sting without bruising or causing internal damage. Many people are using a section of ¼ inch plumber’s supply line as a spanking instrument.

That’s exactly what 7 year old Lydia was beaten with, and so was her 11 year old brother for supposedly being a bad influence.

I hate this kind of sadistic shit. It reminds me of the Protestant edict that children “should be seen and not heard”, as though the laughter and exuberance of children is an annoyance rather than a blessing (I’m taking that word back). If you can’t let kids be kids, opting instead to beat the “silliness” out of them, you deserve the fucking beating.

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    Brandon Rae

    Poor Liberian girl probably accidentally uttered something resembling a curse word, as “If anyone curses his mother or father , he must be put to death. He has cursed his father, or his mother and his blood will be on his own head.” Leviticus 20:9 NIV

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    Christ they’ve got nine kids, NINE of them – I wonder what state the others are in?

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    Andy Nilsson

    I heard 3 fucking fuck episodes and after the 100 th fuck I was like fucking tired of all fucking fucks. Thus the fucking show now known as “the fucking atheist fucker” is never promoted in sweden by me or my friends. I allready asume the fucking good atheist reply will be a ranting: fuck you, I rest my fucking case.., and good bye fucker.. Sad cos in the middle of all fucking fuck words there is some substance. But I just cant stand an annoying american fuck saying fuck you in every sentence. Contraproductive! So fuck you fucking cunt fucker! Doesnt that makes you get disgusted and tired of your self? Ah yeah! I forgot! Youre a fucking american, youre Suppossed to act like a douche… Cheers fucker;) lol

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    Jacob Fortin

    Actually, I’m a fucking Canadian. Common fucking mistake

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    Why, when I read that 2nd paragraph from that website, was I reminded of the use of a bag of oranges to beat someone and not leave a mark?

    The sociopathy of it is chilling. The hand is for loving and helping, but isn’t it the hand that’s holding the tube that’s whipping the kid?


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    More fucked up shit from our religious brethern.

    When will it end?!!!!!

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    I really hate the part where he is talking about how to deal with a child who runs away when you try to spank him/her ” slowly pursue him and explain that he can not win go to his hiding place and laugh at his frail attempts” and “there is no escape know that in the end you will win if you can get the child to surrender there is no violence” obviously you are still beating your child even if he surrendered to you. It is still violent , it’s just worse because you have coerced your child into thinking that it’s their fault you have a fucked up way of dealing with them being “bad” I say bad in quotes becuse these people think having fun is the fucking anti christ

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    Why is the state letting religious nuts adopt kids? Surely they do background checks.

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    Joe Botelho

    Give me a fucking break you bunch of pussys! Beating anyone is wrong expect if your beating off which is fine and relaxing. Everyone who has commented must be childless because you guys are the first retards to give advice about parenting. I have a 6 year old and a two year old i hit my kid when needed i have never beaten my children. Let me say i come from a European background so physical displine is used properly.
    You have to ALWAYS have a reason for hitting your child instead of a different form of displine. Example two days ago as i was removing my 2 year old from the car seat, my son took off across the parking lot to the store i grabbed him and smacked his butt with an added loud reminder that was an unsafe thing to do. There is a gray area for physical displine i think most atheist like myself sometimes see everything in extremes. There is a middle ground between beating a child and not hitting a child.

    Secondly i was one of the people that complained about the LACK of swearing in the show during the early podcasts. No offence but Jacob and Ryan are not University grads(i think) or Scientists there regular guys who are atheists so they should sound like regular guys. So fuck off Andy Nilsson all the way back to Sweden from a fellow regular joe atheist living in the Great White North. By the way do you know Mats Sundin Andy? If you do tell him that the leafs nation misses him

    Loving father and fucking Canadian

    Joe botelho

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    Just to be a pedant, you’re American in the same sense that the British are European, and as a student I can tell you that graduates swear as much if not more than normal people. And yes the gratuitous swearing is a bonus with the show, it’s nice to have a podcast that doesn’t feel formal.

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    fred johnson

    I think adults acting violently towards small children need someone their own size to kick the crap out of them to wake their stupid asses up.

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