Annoying idiot thinks religious charities are better than secular ones

It’s not uncommon for people to automatically assume faith based organizations are inherently better than secular ones, since volunteers are usually motivated not only by their charity, but also by their piety. This is exactly what this women is trying to argue. Her proof? Well, she often donates clothing to both Goodwill and the Salvation Army, and the latter has a better drop-off. You have to love anecdotal evidence, don’t you?

Apart from this simple example, this obviously religious woman feels the pious are instantly more moral and just than their secular counterparts, but is this really true? Consider the fact the Salvation Army has been under fire for discriminatory hiring practices due to their homophobia, or how in Australia, there was widespread sexual abuse among the youth they were sheltering from the 1940’s to the 1970’s.

That’s not to say the organization doesn’t do good work; I’m only trying to argue the blanket assumption religion makes everything better is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. We’re all human, and we all do some fucked up shit once in a while; to think a sectarian institution is immune to this because of its religious devotion is simply wishful thinking, and it puts the blinders on when people act inappropriately.

(props to James for the find)

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    Brent Morris

    Sometimes the national post just makes me cry inside

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    Ahhhh, i read half of it and couldnt be bothered finishing it. The author has no credibility and it seems she just trying to vent her personal life story through the news. Since when was News a personal blog.

    What i dont like about the idea of passing credibility of an action of goodwill onto the notion of a deity is that it assumes that they are doing the deed because of the deity. Does this make them immoral without the deity, do they ‘give’ out of choice or because they feel they should because of their religous construct.
    This weakens the deed as it is passed on from the individual to a greater deity, however if the individual chooses to do good then its based on a wide appreciation of social morals and ethics.

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    Based on my personal experiences, I’ve got zero respect for the Salvation Army. I live in a small apartment complex where the Salvation Army rents the apartment next to me. Every three months, we get a new ‘ex’ convict on parole.

    If we were talking about people who’d made a few mistakes and wanted to clean up their lives, that’s something I’d support. But not these guys. They’ve all created drama, most of them relapse into crime and they’ve even slipped a few pedophiles in! Some of my neighbours have grandchildren and young relatives that come to visit, so obviously this is BAD!

    I don’t know what the selection criteria is from jail, but it feels like that no matter what horrible shit they’ve done (or how likely they are to reoffend), they can get a Salvation Army flat just by saying “Jesus has forgiven me!”

    …and then there’s my Aunt and Uncle. Both fairly religious people (but nice people nonetheless!) who used to work for the Salvation Army. Until they decided to start telling everybody that my Uncle was grooming children for Pedophilia?!?! Something they’re pulling out of their ass with ZERO evidence to support it!

    My Uncle has had a few serious head injuries and he may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he would NEVER hurt a child in any way you could conceive. Needless to say, they both quit and my Uncle is taking legal action against them. I hope he sues their asses off but even then, this kind of mud sticks, no matter how baseless it may be.

    And of course here in New Zealand, they – despite being a religious organisation – still get government funding. Can you say “Church-State-Separation Violation?”

    I apologise for the long-winded tirade, but I saw the words “Salvation Army”, zoned out for a few minutes and found myself typing a “FUCK THE SALVATION ARMY!!” rant when I came to. Happens to the best of us! =)

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