Hasidic Jews want to ban Internet for believers

It can’t be a normal day without some religious organization trying to censor the materials their flock is exposed to. Today’s unreasonable ban comes from Hasidic Jews in Israel who want to ban or heavily restrict the Internet for their congregation.

Although I’m not surprised these religious idiots would be so scared by the information super highway (remember when we all called it that?), I do find it telling they apparently think their own members aren’t mature and disciplined enough to control their own consumption. Do they not trust their own fellow Jews NOT to visit licentious sites on the World Wide Web? I think it’s telling just how paranoid and distrustful the religious sect is of their own flock. Better in their view to outright ban anything that might open up their eyes to the wider world; it’s sad, really.

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    I don’t understand why bans like this (that obviously stem from fear of information) don’t raise tons of eyebrows among members of the group in question!! Even a child seeks out scary info if the parents tell it not to!

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    ALL religions hate unlimited freedom to information. The xtians LOVED to burn books and still do so when they can. The JHIX (jews-hindu-islamic-xtians) would love to limit the internet and free flowing info. When each group has political control it is done to the best of their ability (ie iran & xtian Australia is trying). Everyone who lives a LIE fears real information, comedy, and rock&roll.

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    Freedom of speech would be the right to openly communicate, communication is the transfer of information. The internet is another means of transfer of information, to control or limit access to is like saying what you can and cant talk about!
    Its soooo typical of religion to control the transfer of information, its stupid internal logic has come up with way of justifying it, and the end result is to protect itself.
    As soon as someone tells you what information you have access to alarm bells should blow your head off. Someone is trying to control what you think about, what you know. For what reason would someone want to control you like that, pretty dam obvious, relgion has been milking it for a long time.

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    Religion says: You cant think openly, because then i cant get money out of you and trick you into subservience.

    I know religion doesnt really think that, i was an Altar boy once and the minister was honest and kind. It seems like thats where it came from and it doesnt realise it.

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