Party Jesus causes stir in India

I need to get my hands on this book: Apparently a publishing company in India released a book with a picture of Jesus holding a beer and a cigarette in the state of Meghalaya in India. Government officials have been busy confiscating all the textbooks, and making sure everyone know just how offensive this is.

Personally I want to ask why they included this awesome image. Was this an accident, or a hilarious jab intended for Christians? Either way, I suddenly wish I had a few more fans in India so I could get my hands on it. They’ll probably destroy them all and punish the publisher for their blasphemy.

Now I know for a fact few Christians have much of a sense of humor when it comes to their Messiah (probably also because their own religion suggests blasphemy is a sin), but why would God punish you for having a good laugh? Lighten up, God!

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    shaun mcneil

    There are a vast amount of people who are religious as a result of being scared – their salvation, symbol, leader, etc is their protection.

    When you are making fun of their shield of faith, you are making fun of all that protects them – even if the emperors shield is nothing more than a plastic Frisbee against the imaginary forces of castle gray skull, it is still their protection…and by laughing at them for it, you are saying that you want them to get hurt – their interpretation of your poking fun at them

    What do you think?

    I am a 1st year psychology student interested in explaining religious stuff – way off the mark or kinda finding the target?

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    There’s elements of truth to what you’re saying, but it’s a lot more complex.

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    Vijay Kishore

    I’ll try to lay my hands on the book but it might be very difficult since the particular state is one remote corner of India. I’ll check some of the local school bookstore for it.

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    Vijay Kishore

    but it seems like it was a cursive writing book for Grade 1. Like “A for Apple” and “B for Boy” blah blah blah and “I for Idol”, and the Idol was represented by this picture.

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    Kevin V

    Now thats a great picture

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    A colleague recommended that I visit your site. I’m happy that I’m here.

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