Landed and in Calgary

You may have noticed there were no posts yesterday. Unlike the time when I had a terrible hangover and refused to touch the computer, this time I had a good excuse! I was on the plane on my way down to Calgary, Alberta. I’m happy to report I am indeed alive and well, although a tiny bit jet-lagged. While I’m in town, I’ll be recording some podcasts with the lovely and wonderful Carisa Hendrix. You may remember her as the “Atheist Panties” girl, and if you don’t, click the link and set your eyeballs on stun.

For those of you that live in Cowtown, remember that I’m having a birthday party on Feb. 28th, and I would love to see you guys there. There are cupcakes, video games, and even cool t-shirts for you to snag. See you there!

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