Hitchens lays the smackdown

I still find it telling no religious person has yet seriously dealt with Hitchens’ challenge asking to show evidence that any moral action inspired by religion could not also be accomplished without reliance on the supernatural. I’ve said time and time again: there is no reason to believe in a world beyond the material reality of this one. The only reason we think there is one is because for the longest time in our history, it was a necessary way to explain this confusing and often cruel world. Now we know better and adherence to this superstitious belief is, quite honestly, rather embarrassing. When you were old enough to know there were no monsters under your bed, did you continue to believe out of fear of being wrong?

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    Mark H.

    Case fucking closed! How can a reasonable, rational, mature grown-up debate that. The only way to argue against those points is with supernatural, spiritual, rhetorical bullshit, which just further serves to strengthen the points that Mr. Hitchens has made.

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    The frustrating thing is that retards DO believe that morality is painted onto our hearts from god. Well firstly WTF has the heart got to do with morality, its a complex muscle but does it consider ethical and moral issues. Its some sort of argument from personal incredulity, have a look around christian forums where they debate this shit and many strongly will believe in it.

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    If God’s morality was “written on our hearts”, I’m pretty sure it would have shown up in my Dad’s bypass. Then again, he’s a filthy Atheist like me who KNOWS deep down that God exists, but denies him because he just wants to sin. Hell, that’s why I became an Atheist. I’m all about the sin!

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