Senator Shultheis wants to open schools to proselytizers

Religious proselytizers have a new buzzword their throwing around to try and justify their renewed efforts to break down the wall separating church and state; they are arguing that their religious freedoms are being threatened. Take this example: Sen. David Schultheis is proposing a new bill that would allow students and faculty members to actively try and recruit on school grounds.

Schultheis, a Republican from Colorado Springs, believes school administrators hamper expressions of faith because the issue can be controversial and they don’t always have a clear picture of a student’s or a teacher’s constitutional rights. “This is designed to make students, parents, teachers and administrators aware that they can’t be denied religious freedom,” he said.

This is the new rhetoric that you’re going to see being used to justify the increased involvement of religion in politics. It hasn’t occurred to any of these clowns that the Separation of Church and State is precisely WHY America is such a diverse religious nation; the promotion of any religion (in particular, Christianity) threatens the religious liberties of other faiths. Look, I’m not a big fan of any religion, but I recognize the fact that everyone has a right to believe what they will, so long as the rest of us aren’t forced to. Religious freedom isn’t threatened by secularism; if it was, there would be no religious diversity in America to begin with.

Expect more of this kind of rhetorical nonsense in the future, if only because it appears to be extremely effective; there’s no better way to scare Christians than to make them believe that their religious freedoms are threatened, even when these fears are totally unjustified.

(yes Jeff, I’ll keep on fighting the good fight)

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    Not only do I think that Christians should not be allowed to recruit on schools campus, no religions should be allowed. In fact I am not even sure if atheists should be allowed, not that we would. I’m OK with religious clubs because they are voluntary, albeit delusional.

    Religious freedom isn’t threatened by secularism; if it was, there would be no religious diversity in America to begin with.

    This is a money quote.

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    I am still waiting for the Jehova’s witnesses to come to my door and try to convert me. Oh man…wait they are on my darn property without my permision. Seriously though, why would they allow some deluded idiots trying to convert some other kids (mine or yours) to some medieval belief. It’s just as silly as seing Santa Claus at the Malls.

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