Confused article thinks atheists are “brainwashed”

It still surprises me religionists seem incapable of properly understanding what it actually means to be an atheist. If you’re interested in wasting your time on another pointless article trying to argue that free-thinkers are dogmatic, check out’s latest canard entitled “How to Spot a brainwashed atheist“.

The article is a little all over the place, and there seems to be no actual point beyond the “no one likes to be proved wrong” argument. Still, it seems to me quite funny how quickly they overlook the problem of accepting religious authority on face value. This is why atheists accuse their religious counterparts of being “brainwashed”. Beliefs don’t automatically make you dogmatic, but continued belief in the light of contradictory evidence sure does.

The writer seems to be also completely unaware that he himself is an atheist when it comes to the huge pantheon of other gods; he’s definitely an atheist regarding the existence of Zeus, Horas, Mithras, Buddha and the countless other gods that others have, or still, believe in. No one would accuse him of being brainwashed for refusing to acknowledge these gods. And yet, he looks at us with confusion when we take it one god further, and say there really is no significant difference between the mythologies of the past and those of the present.

There was one example I found especially funny, when the author tries to use a hypothetical example to prove his point:

Dr. Atheo is a world famous atheistic scientist who has just encountered powerful evidence that God does exist. Are we supposed to believe that he will be excited at the prospect of having been wrong? That he will enjoy telling his elite friends at the NAS that he is becoming a Christian? It is always painful to have one’s epistemic foundations shaken.

I would love to hear his explanation of just how this fictitious doctor discovers God in fact exists. Does he realize the Judeo-Christian God is real, or the Shintoists were right? What kind of evidence does he find? If a serious scientist was suddenly able to prove the existence of a higher power through science, you can bet your bottom dollar he would LOVE that shit; think about the prestige and fame he would acquire from this earth shattering discovery!

If the best argument he can offer is no one likes to be proved wrong, then according to his definition this means every human being is apparently brainwashed. I suppose that’s the main goal of the article anyways: “Hey look, atheists have beliefs like us, it must mean they are just as dogmatic as we are!”. Yeah, not so much.

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    Heh. When religious people show human flaws and ego (like not liking to be proven wrong), it’s just human imperfection. When the “atheistic scientist” doesn’t like to be proven wrong, RD thinks it’s a failing of atheism and sign of brainwashing. What a double standard!

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    Rauser shows his ass by projecting his own ego and mulish pride onto others… “no one likes to be proven wrong!”

    …even in the face of evidence to the contrary; a basic tenet of the scientific method is learning from mistakes. one whittles away until what’s left is truth [or the best current explanation]
    people don’t OWN truth, they reveal it.

    Richard Dawkins [referenced in article] even relays a story of a scientist thanking a colleague for overturning his long-held hypothesis.

    Dawkins also made the “theists are atheists [re other gods]… go them one better” argument. Plagiarizing is a good way to appear brainwashed. Just sayin’…

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