More nonsense from Dr. Jeffrey Long

Here’s our “good friend” Dr. Jeffrey Long talking with Bill O’Reilly about his book on NDEs. Bill throws him a few softball questions, and pretends to play devil’s advocate, but even he admits he desperately wants this to be true. If Dr. Long wants to be taken seriously, I suggest he not troll the only TV network that¬†admittedly¬†caters to the religious and not-so-skeptical crowd and instead submit his arguments to peer review. If he thinks 1300 web surveys filled with anecdotal evidence is proof of an afterlife, than he really hasn’t done his homework when it comes to the scientific method.

Also on that note, I’m not sure I believe O’Reilly is a pious man; every time he tells his audience he’s a “believer”, I always get the sense he doesn’t really mean it. I’ve seen a look in the eyes of the truly faithful, and Bill certainly doesn’t have it. I find it hard to believe any man with such a huge ego can actually believe in a supreme being, which leads me to ask: does God have a Bill complex?

(props to Atheist Media blog for the find)

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    so 1300 people have a similair experience/feeling when dieing and at no point in time does this dildo consider the fact that they are all human, with human brains that excrete the same chemicals and shut down in similiar ways. Possibly memories being added in similiar to dreaming.

    It has to be an afterlife, not that we are all the same at the most basic level.

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    Also they don’t seem to state what sort of NDE the people are actually in, there are different levels of death, from the heart stopping, all the way up to being completely braindead.

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    ‘does god have a bill complex’…haha! Classic!

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    Thiga, why don’t you go and look at the research data instead of making ignorant and insulting comments.

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    In my opinion it is better to try to understand rather than criticize. However that’s just me. Anyhow I am on the fence with this. Long on other instances does have a few good and bad points. It is possible that this is a brain function BUT on the other side of the coins it’s also possible that it isn’t.
    One good question I had was when they interviewed patients that have been blind from birth and never had the ability to see, the majority of them that had NDEs reported being able to see but as though they were learning it, not just randomly having sight but rather getting used to it.
    So that struck me as very odd for a brain to be able to do even though it’s never relied on sight nor has the optical abilities since it’s usage.
    Just something for everyone to consider. PEACE.

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