Iran executes enemies of God

Iran is still a mess politically, and even after jailing, torturing and intimidating protesters, it hasn’t stopped young people from wanting a radical change in their government. Now, out of desperation, the government has turned to calling political dissenters “mohareb”, or enemies of God. Because the country is under Sharia law, the greatest crime is apostasy, and since the penalty for this “crime” is death, it’s rarely been used since there is no real defense against it. If the government decides you are an enemy of God, it’s best to make your funeral arrangements.

If you want a clear example why political religions are dangerous, look no further than Iran. The toxic mixture of religious infallibility and political corruption destroys any hope of people being treated fairly and equitably. I’ve come to expect any system of government that relies on religious dogma to be evil and antithetical to human dignity and freedom, and it’s another reason why the efforts of religious conservatives in the US scares me. You know some of them envy other nations that get to use the weight of the government to impose their beliefs on others. Those of us without religious affiliation who enjoy the freedom that separation of church and state affords us need to make sure we aren’t passive in our resistance against their tyranny. Religion and politics don’t mix, and that’s a fact.

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