Happy Darwin Day!

If you enjoy celebrating the birthday of dead famous people, then you’ll love today; 200 years ago, a spry little Englishmen named Charles Darwin was born, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, a number of different organizations are planning all kinds of cool and exciting tributes to the pursuit of knowledge, more commonly known as science.

It’s hard to believe we only started actually caring about this day roughly 15 years ago, but if you consider how religious folks still rue the day he ever wrote his famous book, “On the Origin of Species”, it’s not actually surprising. Everyone seems to love the quality of life science gives them, but not everyone is cool about the implications such discoveries have on our “spiritual”lives. Thanks to the pioneering work of men like Darwin, we have all kinds of ways of understanding nature without needing to rely on some omnipotent creator, and this isn’t such great news for religious folks.

Hey, they can always take comfort in the fact that if we ever get tired of knowing anything real about the world, we can always go back to being ignorant sheep following their every edict; sounds like a hoot!

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