Christian prays for “YouTuber” to have a horrible accident

What better way to convince me your God is real than by asking him to arrange a terrible accident that crippled me forever? It’s a good thing prayer doesn’t work, otherwise these scary motherfuckers would be causing all kinds of crazy havoc. I’m not exactly sure if this guy is psychotic or not, but if there was a candidate for religious nutjob, he’d make the cut.

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    Kevin V

    What a sad sad man. I hope he doesn’t have any children bc that’s the kind of Super Christian that will drown his children in the tub FOR JESUS

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    pretty sure that is satire based on the other videos in his account

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    Can yah feel all that christian love flowing…….. nah, me neither.

    What a sick and twisted person, does he really think that threats will make a rational person suddenly start believing in hocus pocus! It was the threat of eternal damnation on a London bus that got Ariane Sherine started on the counter revolution through the Atheist bus campaign.

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    It’s the old Xtian self-parody paradox thing again, it’s very, very tricky to determine if this is a genuine nutjob or atheist satire. I wish Atheists on Youtube wouldn’t make videos like this – they’re not helping us much…

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    yea this is just stupid for that guy to say. Why wouldn’t he just pray for his god to speak to the unbelievers heart or reveal himself some nice way. Only a hateful and demented person would rationalize and desire for someone to be injured like that.

    Also, have you guys been following all the crazy religious gimmicks in Venezuela. Apparently they are praying for god to help with their energy crisis instead of gee I dunno…solving it themselves!

    Here’s the article

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    robert berry

    2 outcomes for this

    1 no spine break – prayer doesnt work

    2 spine breaks – god is a hatefull, self loving, childish, violent, idiot.

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    He is praying for the death of C0ct0pusPrime with Jesus power. That’s one fuck up guy. I still think it’s a joke. Looks too out there to be real.

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    fred johnson

    Hilarious stuff nice find.
    Anyone who seriously is offended by a nut embarrassing himself, thinking he is “hard” while believing in kiddies fairy tales like prayer and heaven and hell need s to take a step back I suspect it is satire , can be hard to tell with religious dicks

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    Tom T

    It was a joke. YouTube user ogjimkenobi came up with the alternate name ChampionofElohim to act out a ‘poe’ (act like a real Christian, all the while not being one…ogjimkenobi is an atheist).

    The video explaining the whole thing can be found here:

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    Angie the Anti-Theist

    Satire isn’t any good if you can’t tell it’s satire. Colbert Report is awesome, because you know it’s a joke. Same with Edward Current & Betty Bowers. But this is just insane.

    “May the peace of christ be with you” “And also with you”

    Wish that lasted after the church doors opened.

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