TGA Podcast: Episode 81

Welcome to another episode of the Good Atheist. This week, Ryan and I discuss the latest video game, Dante’s Inferno and why they love titties more than Christian┬áliterature, as well as talk about a hilarious article by CARM (The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry) and their thoughts on ‘atheist morality’. I assure you, it’s worth a listen just to hear their worthless analysis.

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    CARM isn’t an organization, it’s the work of Matt Slick who has been using the same piss poor arguments for over a decade.

    I wonder about his argument though. Since he has objective morals found in the Bible and society is determined by ever changing subjective morals then would Matt admit that it wasn’t Christians who ended slavery? The Bible says slavery is moral and those who ended slavery did so in opposition to objective Christian morality.

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    I can’t believe you guys said “it’s one of those false facts religious people like to throw around” after throwing around the false fact of the Jus Primae Noctis.

    Sorry guys, but the JPN is the big urban legend of the Middle Ages. It never existed. There is no historical evidence of it ever existing. It only appears in medieval literature in the context of “x people were really bad because they exercised jus primae noctis! and they ate babies!”
    Seriously guys, don’t challenge the lies bandied about today while upholding the lies of yesterday.

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    Ironically I just realized that the two big Bioware video game franchises Mass Effect and Dragon Age (which I love and am addicted too ;-)) have the main characters become christ figures. Shepard dies in the second game and comes back as savior. And in Dragon Age the Grey Warden drinks the blood in the joining, kind of “dies” and is reborn with special powers to fight evil.

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