Study of atheist morality confirms the obvious

Another day, another study proving what every single one of us already knows: atheists are just as moral as their religious counterparts. Yep, apparently there’s an inexhaustible amount of time and research monies available to prove what should be clearly obvious to everyone. I think these kinds of studies should focus more on why religious folks seem unable to accept the fact you certainly don’t need religion to act morally or ethically. Do they feel uncomfortable with the notion, or are they unable to fathom the possibility we don’t inherit our ethical code from old Bronze Age religions? That’s a study I would die to see…

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    The Living Boy

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa… You’re saying non-believers are just as ethical as the religious? You’re saying that people are capable of morality, altruism, and good deeds WITHOUT believing my imaginary friend? Don’t you know we burn people at the stake for talking like that?”

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