Americans jailed in Haiti want US government to step in

Ignorance of the law is not an adequate defense. If you don’t believe me, try debating a parking ticket in Montreal (which has possibly the most convoluted and confusing parking laws in the world). This important lesson appears to be lost on the 10 Baptists that were jailed a few days ago for allegedly trying to sneak 33 kids across the Haitian border to the Dominican Republic. Now, trapped in jail and feeling abandoned by their government, they’ve started complaining┬áthe Obama Administration should be fighting to have them released.

The first and most obvious question would be: why the fuck should they? These idiots broke the law, and it doesn’t matter if they wanted to try to do the right thing; they didn’t and now they have to be ready to face the consequences of their actions. Haiti is a sovereign nation, and as such, it has the right to prosecute any foreign visitor that violates their laws.

The prisoners are complaining the only help they’ve received has been from NGO’s. What were they expecting? They weren’t caught with a bag of weed at a tropical resort here; Haiti is a fucking mess, and the priority isn’t on getting a bunch of crybaby religious missionaries back home. It turns out when you travel to disaster ravaged countries, you don’t get 5 star treatment at the local prison. Hey, just be grateful that you aren’t sleeping out in the muddy streets, like some people. There are plenty of desperate folks who would literally KILL to have the food and medicine you’re enjoying.

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    fred johnson

    Wonder what would happen in the usa if they stole 33 children in a righteous frenzy??? hmmmmm

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    “and as such, it has the right to prosecute any foreign visitor that violates their laws.”

    Same reason I don’t support Marc Emery. I love weed, and I love his politics, but he broke the law in the States (even if it was only electronically)… I say, let the US do what they will with him. It’s his own fault.

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