Jimmy Kimmel’s “pro-life” ad

While we wait for a good version of Tebow’s superbowl ad to appear on YouTube, here’s Jimmy’s version. I like his better already.

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    That’s just perfect.

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    For some reason, Jimmy Kimmel Live video is blocked for my country…

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    The actual add turned out to be quite benign though. It was incredibly vague (not mentioning the actual issue of abortion)and apparently Mr. Tebow comes off a bit gay(not like thats a big deal just a bit ironic considering the kinds of people who put out the add and their world views). So millions wasted for that organization which also apparently fired a bunch of employees to pay for the add. So win win win for the good guys.

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    Jimmy Kimmel was blocked because of God. God blocked you from seeing the blasphemy.

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    fred johnson

    Blocked in my country waaaa wtf is this geocentric blocking bullshit, so much for world wide network…

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