TGA Podcast: Episode 80 1/2

Welcome back for another episode of The Good Atheist Bonus Show. This week Ryan and I talk about self help guru James Ray getting arrested on 3 counts of manslaughter, 1,000 rabbis saying that homosexuality causes earthquakes, why self-help is bullshit, and why you don’t have to live a meaningful life.

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    shaun mcneil

    Rabbis – What about rabbis with integrity? Why has there not been a man of integrity from this group that stand up and say I’ll join the army and you (the army) can let another gay soldier out, further protecting this country from Gods wrath and really act in accordance with their beliefs and all that spazz

    Besides, I do not understand what is praise worthy of a God who fucks things up for us again and again

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    The group of Dad’s fighting for better access to their children is/was called Fathers4Justice.

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