Geert Wilder on trial for offending Islam

It’s a frightening time to have a controversial opinion in Holland, it seems. Geert Wilder is the leader of the Party for Freedom, a political party which is extremely critical of Islam. He produced a film called Fitna, where he displayed verses of the Koran beside images of the attacks of 9/11, and was accused by Muslim groups of taking these passages out of context (this is the tactic most religious folks use to “explain away” the violent rhetoric of their holy books). Now, the Dutch government is putting Wilder on trial for “offending” Islam, and if convicted, he faces up to two years in jail.

This is what it’s come down to folks. Sure, not everyone agrees with the controversial things Wilder has to say, but keep in mind the man needs 24/7 protection from fundamentalists in his own country who would love nothing more than to slit his throat like a pig (peaceful religion, my ass). He’s highlighted the fact violence against homosexuals is on the rise, and almost entirely caused by Moroccan immigrants, a fact the government would rather ignore in favor of political correctness.

It’s entirely possible the values of Dutch society are incompatible with political Islam, and if that’s the case, he shouldn’t be jailed for voicing concerns a large portion of the population share. Are we to jail other similar figures who dislike and deride religion? Is Holland so weak it needs to punish those who find the rise of political Islam in the country frightening? Let’s not forget violence has been used in the past by radical Muslims to silence those who speak negatively of their religion. Does it not prove there is a serious problem here?

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    David Jefferson

    “Now, the Dutch government is putting Wilders on trial for “offending” Islam”

    Not true. He’s on trial for inciting hatred.

    Incredibly different thing.

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    David beat me to it.

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    fred johnson

    Technically it’s the tenants of the religion that incite hatred so why is the bible and Koran not banned?

    Looks like another bullshit law designed to protect religion. Fine for them to say publicly you deserve to burn in hell or are an infidel and all that that implies ie: essentially a death threat.

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    The views expressed in Fitna came from direct quotes from the Koran, so how is it that it’s Wilders on trial?

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