Tony Blair’s wife thinks being religious is a “get out of jail free” card

Imagine you’re waiting in line at a bank and suddenly you get in an argument with someone waiting in the queue with you. Maybe he cut in line, or maybe you’re just a dick; doesn’t really matter. Things escalate, and suddenly you sock him right in the face. Now, should you be exempt from punishment because you had just come from a religious service not 10 minutes before?

Cherie Booth sure thinks so. The judge and wife of former douchebag Prime Minister Tony Blair recently spared a man from going to jail because he was religious, and she felt this indicated something about his character. The National Secular Society is not amused, and they claim her attitude was discriminatory (would she have been so lenient with an atheist?).

I’m sick and tired of the mistaken assumption religious people are somehow more moral than their non-religious counterparts, especially when every study seems to indicate that if there is a trend, it’s usually that religion actually makes you LESS moral. It’s probably because when every decision is made for you, you don’t take the time to actually weigh the consequences of your own actions, like say, whether or not it’s OK to punch a man in the face for no fucking reason. Still, I won’t assume the accused was more violent simply because he was a religious man, but I certainly wouldn’t let anyone off the hook simply because they had just come back from mosque.

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    In that study there are scatter diagrams showing the Homocides on the y-axis, and USA is like twice the height from the x-axis than all of them! This makes so much sense considering how crazy USA is.

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    And bear in mind that this bitches husband hid his religious leaning until AFTER he left office. Here in Britain a politicians allegiance with god is looked upon with suspicion, unlike the US, so U-Turn Tony deceived the voters for over 10 years, and cooked up the war in Iraq with his fellow religious crank George Dubya Bush, you know, that guy whose father once said Atheists were not American citizens.

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    It would have been bad enough “excuse” even if it had been just been a minor ‘heat of the moment’ incidence… but since he hit him both inside and then again outside, and it was hard enough to break his jaw – its just outrageous!

    Hope she’s struck off and fined heavily.

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