Frank Zappa sticks it to Christians

Remember when Rock and Roll was a way of rebelling against the tyranny of religious fundamentalists? How could you not love this art form, and one of their most important ambassadors, Frank Zappa. We miss you, man!

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    With Zappa we lost not only an amazing musician, but an intelligent, authentic and entertaining human in general. In my humble opinion, there’s currently no public figure (especially in the music industry) of any kind that can fill his shoes. Honest, insightful and actually caring about the real issues instead of just talking the politically correct and fashionable talk of the day.

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    Kevin O'Leary

    I totally agree with you Ray, he was a towering talent that seemed to be able to turn his hand to anything. He’s not as well known here in the UK as he is in the US unfortunately. I was very lucky to see him in concert shortly before his death (I think it was the Them or Us tour). Big loss to the skeptical movement aswell of course.

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