Crazy Christian lady in coffee shop

Not only is she fucking crazy; she’s also a racist who wants all Mexicans “to stop with the whole thing”. Presumably, she means immigrating into the country and taking the shit jobs regular Americans won’t touch with a 10 foot pole. I love how one of the employees has to come over and inform her she’s the one who is disturbing everyone; in her delusional mind, she was the one being harassed. Hey, what else do you expect from someone who is convinced an invisible man in the sky is her friend?

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    The “truth” is this woman has some real issues that her religiosity is covering up.

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    She is just one in a long line of bigots who use their god as an excuse to hate. At least she isn’t as hateful as Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps, they’ve taken projected hate to a new level.

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    Kevin V

    The only thing missing from that whole situation, was someone making fart noises as she walked out. Wait, it’s probably a good thing no one did because she would’ve knifed down that little old lady on the way out “IN THE NAME OF JESUS”

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    Lol, who knew Jesus died to protect our borders?

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    Would like to know what happen before the camera went on.

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    Why doesn’t stuff like this ever happen to me? Get that crazy bitch a Visa, she’s priceless.

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    Maybe the guy filming thought the lady would cool it if she could see she was on camera…sounds as if she was blurting out her unsolicited religious opinions to nobody in particular, which everyone else was attempting to politely ignore.

    I can imagine the other patrons’ reactions off camera that were driving her hissy-fit…mixture of shock, disbelief, and utter amusement…smiles, trying hard to suppress laughter as she screams “THIS ISN’T FUNNY!!!”

    The clerk was bending over backwards to be nice to her, too. As soon as she started raising her voice I would’ve politely but firmly asked her to leave and told her ma’am, *I* will call the police if you do not leave NOW.

    Sounds like she has issues even with members of her own church…she’ll probably find an even crazier congregation who will pat her on the back and compliment her for her “witnessing” in that cafe that was such an evil den of atheist unbelief ;-)

    I’m almost surprised she didn’t accuse the cameraman of trying to “steal her soul” with his infernal device. So at least she’s a modern crazy and not an old skool crazy.

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    Brian Cunningham

    I had a lady go off on me like that because I was wearing a hat with a cute cartoon devil on it. We were in a grocery store and it was equal parts embarrassing and funny.

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    The cameraman was awesome.

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