Peter Sprigg is a homophobic piece of shit

Chris Matthews succeeds (for once) in demonstrating the obvious and disturbing homophobia of Peter Sprigg and the organization he represents, The Family Research Council. If they had their way, not only would they discourage homosexuals from joining the military to serve their country, but they would also make it illegal to actually BE gay.

Why does anyone still deny the fact religion poisons everything?

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    These right-wing xian groups are hitting the same note over and over again. I understand that the bible calls for the death of homosexuals, I get that. But come on, they need to diversify. When are they going to go after all of the other groups that bible condemns. Why isn’t The Family Research Council going after the heathens in polyester/cotton blends, or calling for rape victims to be stoned? It almost makes me wonder if they had read the bible.

    Shellfish Love

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    Chris Matthews should have asked his closing question at the very beginning of the interview, that way, the people would know immediately that he was a homophobe, and everythingo ut of his mouth following would be a piece of bigoted diatribe.

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    Brian ONeill

    I served 8 years in the Marine Corps, and everyone pretty much knew who was homosexual. It really didn’t matter so long as the person did their job and you knew that you could rely on them. McCain is now doing a turnaround on his stance – he really needs to retire before he loses all respect and credibility. Take the advice from Seinfeld – always leave on a high note.

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    We need more idiots to come out homophobic. It’ll really start putting things into perspective.

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    So, this is what it means to be a xtian nation?!!!!! NO FUCKING THANKS!!!!!!!

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