Tim Tebow abortion story is probably a lie

A couple of days ago we reported on the fact that CBS is planning on airing a pro-life commercial starring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam. If you believe the official story of how, due to complications during her pregnancy, she was advised by doctors in the Philippines (where she was busy proselytizing) that she should have an abortion. Well, as it turns out, this story might actually be a complete fabrication.

You see, the problem with this story is in the 1980’s, it was illegal to get an abortion in the country. In fact, any doctor who performed such a procedure would face up to 6 years in prison, and would have their medical license revoked. Pro-Choice champion Gloria Allred is threatening to file a complain with the FTC and the FCC if the ad fails to mention this important fact.

Of course, it’s kind of hard to prove exactly what was going on at the time. Pam could have considered going to the US to get her abortion, and that alone could completely validate her story. But Allred is right to question the validity of the story, and it’s important to highlight the fact having such a procedure in the Philippines would have meant serious jail time for Pam and her doctors. The scary thing was back then, even the mother would go to jail for getting an abortion, regardless of the reasons. That’s the real story here; the fact in many countries around the world, they actually jail women for exercising what is a right in civilized countries.

It’s hard to separate fiction from reality when it comes to the Tebows, and it’s just another reason why CBS is making a huge mistake showing this ad. The issue of abortion is already a touchy subject; it’s wrong to allow what might be a complete fabrication to air during the most watched sporting event in America, especially when CBS has been exposed as having a serious prejudice when it comes to their ad selection. If this doesn’t deserve a boycott, I don’t know what does.

(props to Arynn for the find)

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    Wait – someone else mentioned this on a different site (Skepchick I think.) The law was only for cases that didn’t include the health of the woman.

    So her doctors would have been protected by the law for suggesting she get an abortion to save her life.

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    It’s Allred, not the Tebows, who is telling half-truths and outright lies. It’s a lie to say that abortion is never even allowed for mother’s life in danger. It is telling a half-truth to say that the laws are restrictive to argue that no doctor there would want to suggest or perform an abortion. The law is restrictive in word, but in practice, enforcment is lax given prosecution for illegal abortions is rare. That’s despite hundreds of thousands of them per year, a good 20 percent of them done by doctors, which disprove Allred’s claims that no doctor would suggest an abortion, illegal or not.

    And I would not call it civilize to kill your unborn baby so you don’t have to raise the baby in the cases where it’s your fault when you give that baby away for adoption.

    I quote for you from the UN on this:



    Grounds on which abortion is permitted:

    To save the life of the woman YES
    To preserve physical health No

    To preserve mental health No

    Rape or incest No

    Foetal impairment No

    Economic or social reasons No

    Available on request No

    Although the Penal Code does not list specific exceptions to the general prohibition on abortion, under the general criminal law principles of necessity as set forth in article 11(4) of the Code, an abortion MAY BE LEGALLY PERFORMED to save the pregnant woman’s life.

    Despite the severity of the law, abortion appears to be WIDELY PRACTICED in the Philippines as a means of birth control and is RARELY PROSECUTED. The International Planned Parenthood Federation reports estimates ranging from 155,000 to 750,000 induced abortions PER YEAR.

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    Boycotts are good but I’m a complainer. If you’d like to call CBS and complian about the ad too the number is 1-800-460-4939.

    It’s Credo number that’ll redirect you to CBS after giving you some talking points. To skip the talking points and be connected immediately with CBS, press 1.

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    Okay, I may be reading this UN document cited above incorrectly, but in the background section, the portion of the law saying that they are to protect the life of the mother as well as the life of the child beginning at conception, was not added to the law until 1987. Now the above article only says “in the 80’s”. So for 6-7 years of the 80’s, it was illegal to perform an abortion even to save the life of the mother. (It also has been unclear as to whether the complications were severe enough to have been life-threatening. In which case, the abortion would have fallen under “to preserve physical health”, and still have been illegal.)

    As for the “widely practiced” and “rarely prosecuted” portions, again, this is based on today. We do not have information about what was happening in the 80’s. In 20-30 years, things may have changed considerably. All in all, I don’t think this document gives us enough info to decide one way or the other. I’d like more info from both sides.

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    Hey guys when you talked about this on your show. You came off as a little insensitive to the subject. I have a girlfriend who has decided to make the choice and abort and she was listening to the show with me and normally she would listen it took about 10 min, and I was asked to turn it off because it was two males simply talking about a subject that she thought you guys had little experience in dealing with. I asked her if she could change how you guys approached this subject she said that you guys should have gotten someone from a pro-choice movement to discuss this situation. Instead of simply throwing your spin on the matter.

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    Okay, first and foremost, it took a lot of guts for Pam Tebow to come forward. Second of all, she doesn’t strike me as the person to lie about something like that. Third of all, we are not God, so we should not question the validity of the message. Once again, people, it took GUTS to come forward and tell her story. Quit bashing her, and focus on what her message through her experience is. For her husband to stand by her through all this, now that is definitely a good example of how the family should operate. Through trials and tribulations, they made it. As far as the information and the laws on abortion in the Philippines, we were not there; however, I have to agree that there were a lot of illegal goings on in that era and time, and the point of the testimony was to talk about life, not the gory details of Pam’s ordeal. Some people are being finnicky….tuck your fangs back in!!!

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    Why is it that all those that are pro-death, already born??

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