TGA Podcast: Episode 80

Welcome back to another episode of The Good Atheist podcast. Can you believe we’re already at show #80? Seems like just yesterday we were valiantly trying to make a show happen once a month, and now we do 8! This week, Ryan and I talk about gay rights in California, the Vatican and their inability to stay out of everyone’s affairs, and we even talk a little bit about Nazis and why they suck. Don’t miss out!

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    Regarding you comments at the begining of the show about the entry music. I think it could be made more appealing to the audience, although im no muso so dont know how to make it better.

    Thanks for the awesome work.

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    I know you folks mean well, but most of the stuff (all, in my opinion) that you said about voudoo is very inaccurate. You should actually research it instead of the status quo, which is to simply propagate the usual ruminations of witchcraft and violence. Yes, witchcraft and violence are elements that touch this religion; but it is not the majority of what it is. I’m an atheist, but I actually find it interesting- particularly that atheists seem to propagate the same myths about voudoo that Christians tend to.

    Voudoo and people that believe in it don’t so much perform witchcraft as they do fear that others are casting witchcraft spells on them, causing their illnesses, poverty and et cetera. When they get sick, they are convinced it is the work of some evil malefactor who cast a curse upon them.

    If you want some insight that I can’t offer, because I’m just another person, into Haiti and the problems it has faced in health care and poverty, as well as a more accurate perspective on Voudoo, PLEASE check out the excellent book, “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” by Tracy Kidder. It’s the biographical tale of Dr. Paul Farmer, a man who would cure the world. Seriously, this book drops a fuckin knowledge bomb. 🙂

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    You have wondered how gay marriage could threaten traditional marriage. Well, Lewis Black knows the answer, just listen to his monologue about Gay Bandidos:

    Regarding Joseph Ratzinger, your comments about his Hitlerjugend past were highly inaccurate. I think the Wikipedia article sums it quite well, all 14-year olds were conscripted obligatory and so was he, it really wasn’t the question of choice, in particular for a boy of 14 years. He is quite unfit for the job because he is a conservatist homophobe with a strange obsession on condoms, but not because of the tragic history of his country.

    Jacob also mentioned late John Paul II and his eloquent theology. Au contraire, most theologians regard JP2 as simplistic vicar, with folk theology deeply rooted in his Polish heritage. He had an obsession with Virgin Mary, held medieval beliefs on sexuality, women’s rights, he used to flog himself to please his Lord, etc. As much as I disliked him, there was one great thing about that pope. Raised in Krakow, a city with a large and vibrant Jewish community before the WW2, he witnessed the Holocaust and saw many of his friends perish in ghettos and concentration camps. This experience has left him with great disdain for antisemitism, he kept fighting it inside Catholic Church and in Poland, he visited synagogues and acknowledged the responsibility of christianity for the centuries of prosecution of Jews in Europe.

    Best regards from Poland, you hell-bound fools.

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