TGA Podcast: Episode 79 1/2

Welcome back for another episode of The Good Atheist Bonus Show. This week Ryan and I talk about homeopathic overdoses, why people who believe there’s a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism are still idiots, and atheist hate speech.

For those of you listening to the show, here’s the link to the group that is planning on doing more ‘mass suicides’ by swallowing tons of homeopathic medicine (they’re called the Merseyside Skeptics Society). They’ll be organizing other demonstrations in Canada, Australia, and the US, and I know most listeners are from these places.

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    Kevin O'Leary

    As I’m half an hour down the road from Leicester, I feel obliged to point out that the correct pronounciation of the city is “Lester” (just like the name). This is more to satisfy your curiosity rather than to complain, I can’t apologise enough for its dreadful 11th century olde english spelling.

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