Anti Abortion militants upset over Tiller murder conviction

It appears anti-abortion activists are getting a bit crazier every day. The recent conviction of Scott Roeder, who gunned down Dr. George Tiller just about a year ago, has apparently rallied religious nutjobs who think killing doctors who perform abortions is a heroic act. They are upset he was found guilty, which makes me wonder what connection they have with reality. I’m not sure what they were expecting exactly; did they think his defense (he had no choice but to use deadly force to “save babies”) would work?

What scares me the most is the type of rhetoric anti-choice activists use when talking about abortions. Sure, lots of groups say they distance themselves from violent tactics, but the truth is there’s usually a mixed message coming from these organizations regarding the use of violence. Take Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue saying more violence was inevitable:

“The blood of these babies slain by Tiller is crying for vengeance,”

Is that what a terminated fetus is doing in heaven? Crying for the murder of the doctor who performed operations usually meant to save the life of the mother? For such innocent creatures, they definitely are vengeful! Maybe (just maybe) the only ones crying for violence are religious wackos who have a tenuous grip with reality.

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    Surely what did they expect. Even assuming that abortion was an immoral act, it is still not a crime. State does not recognize it as a crime, but state does recognize murder as a crime. There’s no room for interpretation here. Roeder killed the doctor, Roeder admitted his guilt. And Roeder was found guilty by the jury.

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    My answer to Terry’s quote… crying for vengence.

    “The voice of Randall Terry and the actions of Scott Roeder are asking for trouble.”

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