Gotta love the Onion

With all the talk of abortions in the wake of the news, CBS apparently can’t keep their fucking nose out of it, and the Onion comes out with this. Man, I wish I was as funny as them!

(via Unreasonable Faith and Cynical C Blog)

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    I’m kinda torn about the Onion. They have some amazingly funny stuff, but most of it is just meh. They did one video: which was fucking hilarious. Thats the one that exposed me to them, but like I said theres just not that much that I find all that funny.

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    BAHAHAHA, this is SO subject to Poe’s law… Sadly…. Lmao

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    shaun mcneil

    I am in college – and for government class our professor showed us the actual proposed law for abortion that is up for review, so we can see what real laws look like. Apart from it being far too many pages, many states actually are requesting women name their unborn baby before they are allowed to get an abortion.

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    Ahh, the Onion. You are quite funny.

    @shaun mcniel:

    Pull the other one!

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