TGA Podcast: Episode 79

Welcome back to another episode of The Good Atheist podcast. As some of you may have noticed, the podcast is a little late. It turns out I was so sick from drinking on Tuesday that I needed 2 full days to rest. I guess I’m not as young as I used to be. To make up for it, we have a great show for you. We’ll be talking about Tim Tebow and his Anti-Abortion commercial airing during the Super Bowl. We’ll also be talking about why parents are all a little crazy, and why they need to stop banning books every 5 minutes.

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    jaeger ohellino

    Great podcast. That was a good tirade. Anne Frank belongs to our literature, we should be decensoring not censoring, or what will be lost is the greatest part of our culture, our art. As for children, they are little adults and today know a lot more about the vagina then Anne Frank ever did………

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    You touched on recapitulation theory in this episode. It’s discredited though. Embryo development doesn’t really follow through the evolutionary history of an individual. There are, however, very similar traits shared amongst embryos; things like “gill slits”/”pharangial arches”, tails, etc… The more closely any species are related to one another from an evolutionary view, the more similar their embryonic development. Going off on a tangent here, I think some of the more interesting things to look at are not in our embryos but in our fully formed selves. The weird path of our facial nerves suddenly makes sense when you compare ourselves anatomically with fish. Also, the possible cause of hiccups being an evolutionary leftover similar to a mechanism we observe in tadpoles.
    Nonetheless, good episode!

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