Left Behind video game aims for major console market

In Daniel Radosh’s funny and memorable book Rapture Ready, the author talks extensively about Christian literature and the willingness of evangelicals to buy their specialty products, no matter how shoddy or terrible they are. Hilariously enough, retailers who cater to Christian pop culture seem to be fully aware of just how tacky and terrible their own products are, so much so they refer to the vast majority of their merchandise as “Jesus Junk”.

On the list of terrible Jesus Junk is the “Left Behind” series: the most successful yet terrible novels to ever grace this green earth. Even reading it out of curiosity is not recommended, although there are quite a few sites that can help you gain a little perspective if you’re fortunate enough never to have read these awful books.

It turns out the success of the series prompted all kinds of ancillary products bearing the Left Behind moniker. Four years ago, the PC world was treated to the video game adaptation of the novel, a steaming pile of bugs and glitches allowing players to help convert unbelievers, thus saving their souls. Some notable “enemies” the player must face are secular college students armed with deadly logic, and rock musicians with saucy lyrics. Now, because evangelical pop culture takes care of their own, the game actually did surprisingly well considering how awful it was, and now the company responsible for this monstrosity wants to make the game available on the console markets. Yep, in a few months you might be able to enjoy saving souls on your very own Xbox 360!

The thought of it sends shivers down my spine…

(props to James for the find)

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    I prefer they spend their money on Jesus Junk, I get the feeling that’s more about the enrichment of those peddling this tripe. Better that than on “spreading the faith” or whatever.

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    I hope that Sony and Microsoft won’t allow this to be done.

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    1. I think Twilight gives Left Behind a run for its money for “the most successful yet terrible novels to ever grace this green earth”.

    2. I first read the headline as “Left 4 Dead video game aims for major console market”. I was disappointed as I read on…

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    I remember seeing the 1st “Left Behind” movie like 8 years ago and enjoying it. What the fuck was wrong with me?

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    Zombie Jesus

    Could this be worse than the “Finding God in…” series? I have been blessed with receiving Finding God in The Lord of the Rings and Finding God in The Simpsons as gifts. Both of which were better used, but wholly uncomfortable, as toilet paper.

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