Vanity Fair reviews the Creation “Museum”

About 3 years late, the people over at Vanity Fair decided it was time to visit this mausoleum of ignorance, a testament to the strong desire of the faithfully ignorant to have their beliefs strengthened by any means necessary. The pictures in the article, strangely enough, were taken by actor Paul Bettany, the atheist actor who portrayed Charles Darwin in the movie “Creation”. Watching it is on my to-do list, but finding a copy hasn’t exactly been easy, thanks largely to the fact it struggled mightily to find a distributor. That, of course, is it’s own story.

The article in question provides a good overview for those of us disinclined to give Ken Ham and his ilk our hard earned money. He’s not pulling any punches here; he considers the “museum” to be complete and utter cheese. To the author, this gigantic effort to marry the literal interpretation of the Bible into a messy and childish science seems utter insanity, but it may be because he has so little experience actually interacting with these people. If he did, he wouldn’t be so confused; rather he would be horrified with what Ham and Answers in Genesis are doing to young minds curious about ancient things like dinosaurs. The Museum is nothing more than a poisonous mix of ignorance and supreme arrogance; in thinking myth should be translated into reality, they may appeal to their sheep-like and uneducated base, but for the rest of the world they remain a 27 million dollarĀ embarrassment to America.

Anyways, it’s an entertaining read, and if you have some time to kill I strongly urge you to check it out!

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    They are more mocking than hateful in the article. It’s almost like they feel bad for the poor idiots.

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    As a Northern Kentucky resident with a deep seeded pride in my home, all I can say is that Cincinnati as a whole is NOT really the way it’s portrayed in this article. I’m with Gill on his assessment of the “museum.” But I am not cool with having my entire region – comprised predominantly of people who prefer to pretend the creation “museum” doesn’t exist – painted as a backwoods haven for toothless mongoloids who carry their spittoons to church on Sun’dies. We’re a culturally rich and diverse area, with a Tony Award winning Playhouse, multiple professional (though admittedly questionable) athletic teams, and a host of uppercrust bars and restaurants.

    Basically, the guy is right about the “museum.” But considering his lack of interest in research and his penchant for stereotyping, I’ll have a hard time trusting his journalistic integrity in the future.

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