Trijicon to remove Bible codes from “Jesus Rifles”

It’s nice to know the American military hasn’t completely lost their minds; they’ve ¬†successfully pressured the morons at Trijicon into removing Biblical references on their scopes. I guess the whole “Jesus Rifles” moniker actually caught on, and there was no doubt to everyone with half a brain that this kind of practice would be putting soldier’s lives at risk for no good reason.

Now you just need to remove references of a creator from your fucking money already. Remind me why that’s kosher again?

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    Kevin O'Leary

    This is great news, I look forward to seeing a video clip from Fox news expressing dismay at decision. And how long will it be before sights with the inscriptions removed are thought of as “cursed” I wonder?

    On a related topic, I notice the BBC have been investigating Bomb Detectors made in the UK whose Manufacturer believes they work similarly to Dowsing! (i.e., not at all then). Apparently, there are thousands of these expensive pieces of junk in use in Iraq at the moment.

    I look forward to watching the BBC report later tonight.

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    Cheryl Song

    OT, but had to share
    117 People Hospitalized After Drinking Holy Water, reported by Fox News,2933,583810,00.html

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