My importance is acting up again…

Nothing cures your crippling importance like a bunch of pointy needles inserted in random parts of your body. Now I’m no scientist, but if you’re suffering from asthma and a possible hernia, do you really think your first stop should an acupuncturist? Are you on fucking crack?

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    Remi H. Winther

    Well now.. I don’t know how it works, but it did for me.

    I was born with asthma (a fucking bad one), and the hospital gave me medicine after medicine. It didn’t get better. Not until I was about 7-8 yrs old, my mom took me to a chiropractor, and 3 months later I was down from 5 different types of medicine (which I took on several occasions during a day) to just 2 (which I only took twice a day).

    Later on: My asthma got better, but still it was very troublesome. So my mom took me to a Chinese medical clinic. There I got acupuncture and the most ugliest tee (some Chinese herbs and shit) I’ve ever drank in my life. (How weird was that!?)

    And not long after that I got better. Alot better. I could even join the army ^^. Today I hardly ‘feel’ my asthma and I don’t take any medicine for it either.

    Hasn’t treatments like acupuncture been scientifically proven yet?

    The best medicine today is a combination of western and eastern medicine. Too bad doctors (in the west..) aren’t allowed to suggest their patients any ‘alternative medicine’.

    // From Sweden btw.

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    HA! good catch on the typo rubout…

    with distrust of big pharma and corporate medicine on the rise (not for nuthin’), people turn to quackery. there’s a lot we DON’T know. BUT;

    “sham” acupuncture (needles placed wherethefuckever/toothpick pricks, etc) is every bit as effective as “real” acupuncture.

    we can also thank traditional Chinese medicine for the mass slaughter of endangered animals for no good reason (as if there was one).

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    If the stuff actually worked and made any type of scientifically verifiable difference to a patient it would simply be called medicine, not “alternative” medicine. You can substitute “bullshit” for “alternative” if you wish. I had a hernia last summer and went to a doctor who operated on me in a hospital – call me crazy but I figured that would be the best way to treat a tear in my abdominal wall that my intestines were poking out of.

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    //Hasn’t treatments like acupuncture been scientifically proven yet? //

    The opposite of this. It’s been debunked. I’m glad you healed up dude, but what’s the science behind sticking pointy shit into you randomly?

    It was a placebo and a placebo can be fucking strong.

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    Remi H. Winther

    hehe.. Well maybe im just a fool, or dammit: “I fell for their damn trickery!”

    And. ‘We’ call it alternative medicine ’cause no (western) country would like to lose costumers (sick people) / or tell them to seek help elsewhere.

    Don’t insult me Brian, you had a serious condition, and acupuncture doesn’t cut you open and take out the shit you have in your body. I’m glad you got into surgery!
    But lets say you have migraine(? the bad kind of headache, don’t know the English word), in the west, you take medicine ONLY when you are in pain – the medicine takes it away. The next time around, you’ll have to take some more/a bigger dose. Because the reason you get migraine DON’T get ‘healed’. You see what I mean?

    Alternative medicine/Chinese medicine helps your immune system and your body to defeat your illness.
    While western medicine goes directly at the decease, not always the reason.

    They don’t actually ‘stick pointy shit into you at random’. My mom (for example) works with zone therapy, and she did a test. On her wall she got this awesome map over which area on your foot is connected to which organ. So she begins to pinch my toes (weird, I know). It didn’t hurt, not until she pinched my middle toe, (now, just take my word on it) It hurt like shit! I looked on her map, and that area (my middle toe) was indeed connected to my lungs. Pretty scary.
    My step dad had some issues with his back, mom did the same on him. And later on, after a couple of treatments, most of the pain was gone.

    Now. If he would seek western medicine, they would have given him some strong drugs, that would make him dizzy/tired and so on.

    Then the fact that we give small children (me included) some strong ass medicine that out body can’t really handle, is sickening. All the cortisone I got (back in the days) was enough to make me have a very hard time to concentrate, read, learn, sit still, be calm, sleep at nights and so on.

    Placebo-effect… Well, maybe I was a fool in the end. Atleast it worked for me, I can run without taking meds every 100 meters today. And all the western medicine didn’t do the trick, they also made me 5cm shorter (jeah, cortisone has that bi-effect).

    Why are the Japanese the healthiest in the world then?

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    Remi, you seem to have turned “post hoc” reasoning into a belief system… every example you cite falls into this category.
    that’s how superstitions are born.

    like you, i believe children are over-medicated. one problem is: introducing drugs into a biological system which is ALREADY undergoing major changes.

    do you have an identical (cortisone-free) twin who is now 5cm taller than you? (i assume this twin also didn’t suffer from any of the afflictions you listed.) neither of these would be conclusive proof of your assertions, but they’d be a start… hope you’re better now.

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    Remi H. Winther

    Okay. I’ve read now that it really was proven to be just the placebo effect.
    Scary, that a ‘mere’ placebo could have that effect on me. It’s hard to believe, and pretty embarrassing.

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    Jacob Fortin

    ^ Remi, I used to believe in ghosts when I was younger. It just proves that you’re human. Better yet, you seem to be smart enough to know when it’s time to change your mind. Good for you!

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    yeah, placebos and (nocebos) ARE powerful things, capable of manifesting observable effects (hives, rash, etc.). placebos can have genuinely positive results. it’s empowering, in a way. many of the people administering quackery believe in their own abilities. as a result, they’re that much more effective [a situation that feeds itself]. it takes guts to admit it when you’re wrong…

    nothing to be embarrased about. like JF said, part of being human [or animal, for that matter]. the more complex the system, the tougher to tell exactly what’s going on inside it.

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