Adam Carolla on religion and atheism

Here we have comedian Adam Carolla on why he’s an atheist. Listening to this guy, I’m actually somewhat reminded of my own podcast (hopefully he won’t do this too often, or else I’m out of a job!) If you like this kind of ranting and you’re new to the site, may I suggest you give it a try. You might like it!

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    I’ve listened to this before, and Adam Carolla went from being some snarky a-hole to the sexiest man alive.

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    Gotta love the quote from the princess bride at the beginning

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    Good Reason

    I’m going to have to quibble. He does NOT know that gods do not exist.

    I don’t believe that gods exist, and I live my life as though they don’t, but I can’t say I KNOW they don’t exist. That would be a claim, and it would require evidence, which he’s not giving.

    I don’t find the strong view tenable. Any strong atheists out there want to talk me into it?

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    I like his note about keeping people in line. Not that I like the idea about being kept in line or anything.

    You don’t do bad things because you think they’re bad. You think, personally, that there is something wrong about doing it. I don’t steal because I think about the people I’d be stealing from which is the same reason why I don’t like the idea of hurting or murdering or raping or what have you.

    You don’t not do these things because someone told you to. Because you read it in a book. And, let’s face it, there are plenty of people who are in fact religious and have done horrible, terrible and awfull things who typically use religion as an excuse. And some of them get away with it which, to me, is the most disgusting thing ever.

    That’s not to say that people who are not religious don’t also do bad things.

    The point is that following religion in no way guarantees that someone is going to be good or ‘better’.

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