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The ironically named “Truth Ministry” is a homophobic organization which focuses on trying to brainwash homosexuals into thinking their sexual identities are an abomination. They claim they aren’t trying to tell anyone else how to live, and only offer an “alternative” for any gays and lesbians that hope to live a gigantic lie. A few months ago they were the “victims” of a prank, with someone photoshopping one of their billboards and posting it on a number of blogs and forums. It was such a hit the ministry actually had to post about it on their site to debunk it. The whole purpose behind the prank was to make fun of their idea of “changing” people from their obvious natural state into something they are not. Their response, as is typical with these kinds of delusional bigots, does a great job at showing just how tolerant and level headed they are:

Just as the ad said–if you “don’t want to be”–if you want help, great. If you don’t want help, then our ministry is not for you. We are not here to slam those that are happy being gay. Now, many feel that we are filled with hate saying that there is hope for change. I would say that scripture says otherwise in 1 Cor. 6:11–“and that is what some of you were, but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” If you or others have a problem with scripture, then your or their issue is not with Truth Ministry but with God.

So far you haven’t said anything to dispel the idea you’re full of hate, guys. In fact, you’ve painted every single religious person into a corner; you’re either with Truth Ministry, or you’re against God. Don’t you just love the way crazy people can justify any kind of hatred and bigotry by simply finding an appropriate passage in the Bible?

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    There probably will be some way to change people on the genetic level, so that they are no longer homosexual.

    “God” help us all, if fundamentalism is still strong when that happens.

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    lol it would be really funny watching them trying to get this into genetics xDD

    (spanish listener here ;))

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    great prank. wish it had been actual billboard stunt.

    “Razzle thinks he can train ’em. We think he’s pretty tweaked.”- Suburbia
    [wrong reference? no offense..;) too appropriate to pass up.]

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    Bon, I love the implication that they are trying to ‘help’ gay people. We do well without your help, thank you very much. God (!) this gets me all fired up!

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    You could hook a multitude of words into the “Are you ___ and don’t want to be”

    How about “Are you *rational* and don’t want to be?”

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    @ Razzle – Lol.

    How about “Are you *religious* and don’t want to be?”

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