FOX News puts its spin on the Trijicon controversy

FOX News: proudly serving the religious right since October 7, 1996

(via Proud Atheist)

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    Good Reason

    Oh, I’m glad they find the bible verses ‘comforting’. Just about anything would be comforting if it’s written on a fucking GUN.

    If I were a Christian, I’d be really upset by this. Taking a life should only be considered with the greatest reluctance, and slapping a Jesus verse on a gun is really inappropriate. Says the old Christian me. (I got better.)

    And it looks like they’re trying to spread Xianity in the area. It’s just bad ‘optics’.

    It’s the kind of thing that could ‘backfire’.

    Like they have the salvation of Muslims in their ‘sights’.


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    Kevin O'Leary

    Blimey, are Fox ever objective?

    Looking forward to hearing contributions from Sarah Palin who is now on board at Fox apparently…

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    Fox News is getting more and more ridiculous. I mean, yeah, no news agency is totally unbiased, but at least the majority aren’t so blatant about it.

    I’m surprised they don’t follow every news report with a four minute ‘prayer time.’

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    @Good Reason: that was funny.

    Oh, and Fox News can suck it.

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    Richard Feinburg

    I would like to know if they will feel same if they use Koran scripture. It shows how dude Fox and Friends has become.

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    Richard Feinburg

    Sorry, let me rephase my last statement.

    I would like to know if they will feel the same, if they use Koran scripture instead of bible scripture. It shows how pro-christian and anti other religion Fox and Friends has become.

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