TGA Podcast: Episode 78

Hey guys, as promised we are right on schedule for another great episode of the TGA podcast. This week Ryan and I talk about the distressing news that rifle sights in the US military have secret Bible codes on them, and we also talk about Richard Dawkin’s ‘Non Believers Giving Aid’ charity, and how some religious folks don’t seem to understand you can be good without God!

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    I was listening to this show and i found this and i found it ironic since i’ve had friends refering to NDEs that lead them to test their faith..

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    This was a timely pod cast for me because I’m currently reading Peter Singer’s ‘The Life You Can Save’ which basically looks at the philosophy of giving. He discusses the typical perception that much of our donated money (annoyingly) goes to administration; a view I also held/hold. But he went on to explain how Charity Navigator (started 2001) evaluates charities on their effectiveness, which is highly logical but until recently was almost completely overlooked. Interestingly, they found that of the few transparent charities that were able to actually measure their effectiveness, generally the ones that had higher admin costs tended to be better charities to send money to because they had superior effectiveness for every dollar spent. For example, the remaining 60 cents in the dollar after 40 cents admin from charity X was twice as effective as the 75 cents after admin of charity Y. This tended to be because they invested more in better specialist staff who could deliver more specialist services or who basically were more skilled in delivering aid programs. Interesting stuff.

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