Jesus, your followers are scary

This is going to look pretty nasty when it starts to get infected…What the hell is wrong with this guy?

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    If he did that himself, that’s impressive, insane, but impressive. However, I think a bold tattoo would have been a better option.

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    Carisa Hendrix

    Ewwww. No dinner for me tonight.

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    Wow, next thing you know these kind of people will be cutting up their genitals for their god. Oh wait, they already do.

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    Good Reason

    Why would you have a full arm-scarring when a couple of holes in the hands and feet will do? Much simpler.

    He certainly didn’t use Occam’s Razor for that.

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    Wow, just before I head to bed too.
    Probably going to have nightmares about insane Christians carving the name of their Messiah into my forearm now. :/

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    I can imagine it now, infection sets in, gangrene infects the wound, the arm is amputated, and as VenomfangX tells us with some authority, god hates amputees.

    You can only laugh at stupidity like that!

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    Barry D.

    I can’t imagine the world of hell he has to be going through to do such a task. To even make the very first cut… How did he do that? I could see him drawing out the very shapes of the letters… but doing the cutting himself? I hope he found his power animal before he began… oh right that whole jebus being god thing would have been his inspiration…

    I’m seriously at a loss on this one. What exactly did he accomplish? Thou shalt take thy pen and mark thy name on thous arm, and make thy cut upon thy self… (Yeah, that was my best impersonation of a passage). I wish more people were as devoted… then quite possibly religion would soon die… How can there be anything positive, or good in this selfish act? I don’t recall jesus ever taking a knife and engraving symbols into his body.

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    wwjd? if this retard knew it was infected.

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    let us hope the crazy bastard doesn’t have kids.

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    Deutoronomy “You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.”…apparently, someone hasn’t read the bible…

    What a doofus.

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    While i’m laughing at “what” this guy got carved into his arm, I’m not against scarification. Chances are it won’t get infected, it looks like it was done in a professional shop and it doesn’t look like a bad job either. There are more and more people getting this kind of mod every day. I guess there aren’t too many people in here that are into body modifications. Just saying don’t attack the art, attack the meaning behind it. Peace.

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    He could be name Jesus and don’t want to forget this name.

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    Let’s see what else he’ll do!

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    haven’t you guys learned anything from the amazing “jeebus bruise” awhile ago (or was it mary)?
    this clearly happened NATURALLY through divine intervention.

    the dude probably fell of his bike, or something. he also banged up his chin; look closely.

    it’s a bloody frickin’ miracle!

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    “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”
    -Leviticus 19:28

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    ├×undur Freyr

    Holy frigging, fucking jesus. What a fucking psychopath. Where did this image come from? Anyone know?

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    Man, that kid really loves him some Jee-zuhs. What a poor deluded moron!

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    Natural selection, if you are up there it would be a freaking time to select those idiots for extinction. :D

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