Desperate Haitians need e-meters, stat!

I complain about Christian charity organizations all the time, but since most of the population in Haiti actually believes in the same religion (with a few added voodoo rituals), I’m not really worried about their incessant need to proselytize. What I AM concerned about, however, is John Travolta and his merry band of Scientologists making a surprise flight to the devastated country. I guess Haiti is in desperate need of e-meters or something, and the yellow shirted weirdos will be going around giving vitamins and “touch assists” to people in need.

Why don’t you stay out of everyone’s way John? The last thing they need is another religious organization trying to peddle their ridiculous beliefs; they need water, food, and most importantly, money. Instead of spending all that dough to send your thetan peddling zombies to the country, why don’t you write the Red Cross a big fat check and stay the fuck out of Dodge. Of course, I’m forgetting the possibility that perhaps his plane might crash into the Ocean on the way there…a man can dream, can’t he?

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    And while the Elronners are getting in the way and generally annoying everyone, folks can gather around the solar-powered audible bibles being brought in, which will presumably comfort them as they slowly die of septic shock. link:

    People are dying, right now, as I type this, as you read this — horrible deaths, for lack of medical supplies. It’s unbelievable to me that anyone would go into that situation carrying anything but antibiotics, antiseptic, bandages, surgical implements and the means to sterilize them, water, food, blankets, etc.

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    ick. one of the most disgusting things about evangelism is its opportunistic, exploitive nature… at least they brought SOME real doctors. the others are a shameful waste.

    imagine a group of Xtian Scientists descending on a natural disaster, *shudder*.

    that gawker link is hilariously informative. thanks again.

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    Title made me LMAO!!!

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